Photo: Goliath Bird-Eating Spider

Photo by Rob Bondy / NGCI

Monster Bash Week

This Halloween, beware of the creepy, crawly, bloodthirsty, growling animals that go bump in the night! From flying demons to zombie alligators, venomous tarantulas to blood-sucking bats, Nat Geo WILD is getting our fright on all week long with the best of nature's most terrifying beasts. And the scariest thing about these monsters? THEY'RE REAL.

TV Schedule

  • Photo: Close view of a black spider

    Spiders: The Dark Side

    Monday, October 24 at 7P et/pt
    She's graceful. He's combative. The most deadly spiders in the world. Experts show how their venom tears apart our nervous system.

  • Photo: Jonathan Vazquez touches an alligator's snout

    Swamp Men: Most Wanted

    Monday, October 24 at 10P et/pt
    Brian decides to bring "Trump," the park's notorious 800-pound alligator, onto the Safari's compound to keep closer tabs on the aging reptile.

  • Photo: Wolf

    Prehistoric Predators: Wolf

    Tuesday, October 25 at 7P et/pt
    Nat Geo WILD examines why the greatest wolf to ever walk the earth—the Dire Wolf—perished, while its smaller, weaker cousin—the Gray Wolf—survived.

  • Photo: A crocodile's head

    Africa's Deadliest: Killer Tactics

    Tuesday, October 25 at 10P et/pt
    Travel to the deepest, darkest depths of Africa and see how the deadliest predators use different techniques to kill their prey.

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