We're IN: Stephen Colbert's Nat Geo WILD South Carolina Serious, Classy Republican Debate

The race for the presidency just went OFF THE LEASH. Stephen Colbert and Cesar Millan may just be hosting the next Republican debate on Nat Geo WILD. This time, if the candidates go over their allotted time... TSST!



Witness the greatest battle in the history of the universe on the wildest place on television. Moderated by the most dominant human being in the entire animal world, Cesar Millan.



But it's not a done deal until the candidates hear the call of the WILD. Nation, it is time to let the Republican contenders know where the biggest, most watched debate will take place—e-mail, tweet, call, howl, bark and roar your approval—let the candidates know you want to see them debate on Nat Geo WILD!


Newt Gingrich
Twitter: @newtgingrich


Mitt Romney
Twitter: @mittromney


Ron Paul
Email: Email Ron Paul
Twitter: @ronpaul


Rick Perry
Email: Email Rick Perry
Twitter: @GovernorPerry


Michele Bachmann
Twitter: @TeamBachmann


Rick Santorum
Twitter: @RickSantorum


Jon Huntsman Jr.
Twitter: @JonHuntsman


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