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Gavial (Gharial)
Gavialis gangeticus

Photo: A gharial shows its characteristic long narrow snout
Close-up of a gavial (gharial) with its characteristic long, narrow snout
Photograph by Stephen St. John

Gavial (Gharial) Profile

Fast Facts

Type: Reptile
Diet: Carnivore
Average lifespan in the wild: 40 to 60 years
Size: 12.25 to 15.5 ft (3.6 to 4.5 m)
Weight: 2,200 lbs (977 kg)
Did you know? The gharial's scientific name, Gavialis gangeticus is based on a misspelling of the Hindi word ghariyal.
Protection status: Endangered
Size relative to a 6-ft (2-m) man:
Illustration of the animal's relative size


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Map: Locator map for the gavial (gharial)
 Gavial (Gharial) range

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