Tundra Buggy

Rigged with a live camera, the Tundra Buggy roves the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, tracking polar bears and other native species during daylight hours. Best viewed from 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. central time, this footage is brought to you courtesy of Explore.org, Polar Bears International, and Frontiers North Adventures. It is part of explore.org's Pearls of the Planet series of live cams created to help people fall in love with the world again.

Polar Bear Highlights

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    Feature Cam Moments

    Watch highlights from the live feed of the polar bear migration near the small town of Churchill in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

  • Photo: A polar bear investigates a whale bone in Svalbard

    On Thin Ice

    The Arctic is warming so fast that by 2050 it may be largely ice-free in summer. Without their frozen hunting platform, how will polar bears survive?

  • Photo: two polar bears playing

    Unbound: Ice Bears on the Edge

    A visit to Churchill, Manitoba, almost always rewards you with a polar bear sighting in the wild.

  • Photo: two polar bears drying off in the snow

    Polar Bears

    Be a polar bear "snow-it-all," with videos, fun facts, postcards, and more.

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    Polar Bear Hockey

    How many points can you score against the polar bears?

  • Picture of a panda chewing on bamboo

    Endangered Animals Quiz

    The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad. Where do we stand? Face the facts with this quiz.