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Shark Features

  • <p>Photo: Whale shark with small fish</p>

    All About Sharks

    Sharks have prowled Earth's seas, essentially unchanged, for 400 million years. Learn more about these vital predators with facts, photos, video, and more.

  • Photo: Shark on a boat.

    "Flying" Shark Lands in Boat

    South African marine researchers lured a half-ton great white shark closer than anticipated—straight out of the water and into their vessel.

  • <p>Photo: A nurse shark on the sea floor</p>

    Nurse Shark

    Explore the underwater world of this bottom-dwelling shark. Learn why humans have little to fear, and much to learn, from nurse sharks.

  • <p>Photo: Sand tiger sharks cruise the waters</p>

    Sand Tiger Shark

    Find out why this shark is not nearly as fierce as its protruding teeth might suggest. See how surface air breathing sets them apart from their relatives.

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