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Bear Features

  • <p>Photo: Sun bear</p>

    Sun Bear

    Get to know the smallest member of the bear family. Learn how a shy, nocturnal mammal got such a peculiar name.

  • <p>Photo: Black bear mother and cub</p>

    Black Bear

    Get to know North America's most common bear. Learn the logic behind the familiar refrain: "Please don't feed the bears."

  • <p>Photo: A Kodiak brown bear emerges from a river</p>

    Brown Bear

    Have a "Kodiak" moment with the awe-inspiring brown bear. Find out what these omnivorous giants eat to prepare for hibernation.

  • <p>Photo: Grizzly bear walking through a meadow</p>

    Grizzly Bear

    Come face to face with the powerful grizzly, a North American subspecies of the brown bear. Learn where, and why, these solitary bears sometimes gather.

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