• Two specimens of the fish Phallostethus cuulong, one male, one female.

    Genitalia-Headed Fish Found

    Tiny New Species Is an Evolutionary Mystery

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Fish Features

  • <p>Photo: Close-up of a man with a giant catfish</p>

    Megafishes Photos

    View photos of the world's largest freshwater fish fighting for survival, as pollution, overfishing, and construction threaten the rivers and lakes they call home.

  • Photo: A blue-and-green sea anemone

    All About the Ocean

    Explore and discover the world's oceans like never before with facts, photos, news, video, and more!

  • <p>Photo: Great white shark and fish</p>

    Great White Shark Pictures

    See close-ups of great white sharks lurking, hunting, and attacking. Download desktop wallpapers of these amazing, often misunderstood predators.

  • Photo: Swedish net that captures numbers of eels

    Eels Photo Gallery

    The freshwater eel is one of the few fishes to spawn in the ocean and spend its adulthood in lakes, rivers, and estuaries.

  • <p>Photo: An ocean sunfish or mola</p>

    Mola (Sunfish)

    Find out why sunfish are often confused with sharks—and the ways in which the two are so drastically different.

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