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Vampire Bat

Photo: Vampire bat
Unique amongst mammals, the common vampire bat feeds entirely on blood sucked from its warm-blooded prey.
Photograph by Michael & Patricia Fogden/Corbis


Nocturnal Animal Features

Photo: Walking bat

Extinct Walking Bat Discovered

A walking bat in New Zealand took its marching orders from an ancestor, a new fossil-bat discovery reveals.

Photo: Vampire bat

Bat Cave

Go deep into the caves of Nicaragua for a look at the infamous vampire bat in this Field Tales feature.

Photo: Koala

Kids: Koala Creature Feature

Get fun facts on koalas, plus video, audio, photos, and more at National Geographic's Kids site.

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Special Advertising Sections

Photo: Horses and old barn

Enter Sweepstakes

Take a photographic journey through Montana and enter for a chance to win a trip for two!

Photo: Man with kayak

Adventure Videos

Check out adventure videos from our West Coast Adventure Editor Steve Casimiro and go "Behind the Lens."

Mammals Right Rail

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Photo: Grizzly bears

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