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Brown Pelican

Photo: Brown pelican
Added to the endangered list when exposure to pesticides shrank their numbers, brown pelican populations are rebounding.
Photograph courtesy Gary M. Stolz/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Seabird Features

Photo: Brown pelican

Photo of the Day: Pelican Pier

See a photo of a brown pelican sitting on a piling near Florida's Cedar Key.

Photo: Manatee

Jewel of the Caribbean

Visit the Mesoamerican Reef, home to Central America's largest population of manatees, and millions of other creatures, in this feature.

Photo: White pelican

Ungainly Grace

They've been called awkward, grotesque, and absurdly ridiculous. See how the clumsy American white pelican turns to poetry in flight in this National Geographic magazine feature.

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Photo: Horses and old barn

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Photo: Man with kayak

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Photo: Macaw

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