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Cardinal in Tree With Snow

Photo: Cardinal in tree with snow
Noted for their bright red plumage, cardinals have about two dozen songs.
Photograph courtesy Harvey Doerksen/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Bird Features

Photo: Hummingbird

Photo of the Day: Hover Craft

See a feeding hummingbird and read about the tiny stowaways that climb aboard.

Photo: Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The Ghost Bird

An ivory-billed woodpecker hasn't been seen for certain since 1944. Does a holdout survive today in Arkansas's Big Woods?

Photo: Trumpeter swan

Photo of the Day: Swanny River

See a graceful trumpeter swan gliding across Wyoming's Yellowstone River.

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Photo: Horses and old barn

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Photo: Man with kayak

Adventure Videos

Check out adventure videos from our West Coast Adventure Editor Steve Casimiro and go "Behind the Lens."

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Photo: Macaw

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Photo: Hornbill

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Image: Mobile phone and birds

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Photo: A cartoon dog

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