About Crittercam

National Geographic's Crittercam is a research tool designed to be worn by wild animals. It combines video and audio recording with collection of environmental data such as depth, temperature, and acceleration.

These compact systems allow scientists to study animal behavior without interference by a human observer. Combining solid data with gripping imagery, Crittercam brings the animal's point of view to the scientific community and a conservation message to worldwide television audiences.

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About WildCam

National Geographic's WildCam program is a conservation initiative that uses the Internet to connect people to Earth's last remaining wild places. Using streaming video technology, WildCam Africa brings viewers from all over the world to the remote Pete's Pond in Botswana where animals go about their daily lives. And because it's live, you never know what may happen next!

National Geographic's WildCam is currently unavailable. Please check back for updates.