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WATCH LIVE: D.C. Baby Eagle Cam (Details)

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    Bird Watcher's Bible

    Learn everything there is to know about birds, bird-watching, birds in history and the arts, and life on the wing.

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    New! Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America

    Now, there's a book for every family who wants to learn more about the birds they love. Learn all the aspects of birding in an easy, accessible way with tips, expert advice, and more!

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    Birds Infinite Photograph

    Zoom in on a spectacular bird photo to reveal hundreds more photos making up the original. Then zoom again at each level for an endless array of images, each submitted by users to My Shot.

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  •  Picture of a Malayan tiger

    Pictures: Tiger Subspecies

    Scientists estimate only about 3,000 wild tigers are left in the entire world. Meet the subspecies and see what threats each is facing.

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    What's That Bird?

    Identify your backyard visitors in a flash with four simple questions.

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    Bird Photos

    View fantastic user-submitted bird photos from all over the world.

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  1. Photo of the lions of the Vumbi pride.

    The Surprising Lives of Lions

    In case you missed it: See these breathtaking videos and photos from inside a wild Serengeti pride.

  2. Photo: Two adult preen, Ireland

    Gannets Pictures

    Champion divers but clumsy landers, doting parents but hostile neighbors—northern gannets abound in contradictions.