Photograph by Jane Horgan

Picture of a cheetah running while people watch
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Where: Botswana

Grantee: Rebecca Klein

Rebecca Klein is the co-founder and managing director of Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB), an organization she formed with Kyle Good and Anne Marie Houser in 2003.

CCB works to preserve Botswana’s cheetah population through scientific research, community outreach and education, and promoting coexistence between rural communities and Botswana’s rich diversity of predators. The organization focuses on improving local perception of predators and decreasing retaliatory killings while simultaneously supporting and protecting the welfare of the rural communities it serves.

Klein is using her Big Cats Initiative grant to further CCB’s goals by promoting the use of sustainable range, livestock management, and nonlethal carnivore-control practices. She utilizes site visits, direct farmer support, mobile workshops, training courses, livestock-guarding dogs, and media events. CCB's work also includes school visits, bush camps, training workshops, and resource development to teach Botswana’s youth and general public that healthy ecosystems include carnivores.


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