• <p>Photo: A tiger salamander</p>

    Tiger Salamander

    Crawl in for the Facts

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  • <p>Photo: A strawberry poison dart frog</p>

    Poison Dart Frog Pictures

    Want to see more of these incredibly colorful critters? Hop on in.

  • <p>Photo: Warty newt</p>

    Warty Newt

    Meet the endangered newt that’s Europe’s largest. Learn why these amphibians are special—warts and all.

  • <p>Photo: A spotted salamander among stones and pebbles</p>

    Spotted Salamander

    Go underground and meet this salamander that's both large and common, yet so secretive it’s rarely seen.

  • <p>Photo: Tree frogs</p>

    It's a Frog's Life

    They look like spilled candy. You'll be tempted to scoop one up and cup it in your hands. But let it go, because the red-eyed tree frog's life is an extraordinary journey.

  •  A picture of a golden toad, one of ten ''lost''—and likely extinct—amphibian species that scientists hope to find during a new search.

    Photos: Ten "Lost" Amphibians

    From the golden toad to the Turkestanian salamander—the quest begins for the ten likely extinct amphibian species conservationists most want to rediscover.

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