• A ground squirrel surveys its surroundings in the autumn tundra.

    5 Surprising Squirrel Facts

    Take a Closer Look at These Industrious Rodents

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  • Daisy Mae, miniature Vietnamese pot-bellied pig lounges in her West St Paul, Minnesota home with her owner Sarah Davis

    Mini-Pigs, Big Problem

    Mini-pigs that grow big are abandoned or euthanized. Can education, regulation, and sanctuaries solve the problem?

  • Bull_ele_saved_15Sep2_cDSWT.jpg

    Poisoned Elephant Saved

    This bull elephant was rescued from a slow death by Kenyan vets. He was the 11th attempted poaching in two weeks.

  • Wandering albatross sitting in thick grasses.

    Half of World's Wildlife Lost?

    Wildlife populations are in decline, with numbers of some animals falling by half in the past four decades, according to the 2014 Living Planet Report.

  • A photo of a bee collecting pollen from a Brazilian guava flower

    Bees Prefer City Eats

    Bees living in rural areas of Costa Rica like to eat downtown—suggesting that urban gardens are crucial as wilderness dwindles, new research shows.

  • Picture of lemur

    Can We Save This Lemur Species?

    Lemurs are the most critically endangered vertebrate on the planet. Can researchers save this species from a deadly gut bug? Watch video »

  • Four Atlantic puffins, Fratercula arctica, perched on a seaside boulder.

    Bringing Puffins Back

    Go behind the scenes on biologist Stephen Kress's mission to bring puffins back to the coast of Maine.

  • Photo of one of the plankton studied.

    How Young Mantis Shrimp Stay Invisible

    New research finds that young mantis shrimp use reflectors in their eyes to hide the organs from predators.

  • Photo of a blue whale in California.

    Danger Zones for Blue Whales?

    Popular spots for blue whales off the California coast overlap commercial shipping lanes, a new study finds.


  •  Picture of a Malayan tiger

    Pictures: Tiger Subspecies

    Scientists estimate only about 3,000 wild tigers are left in the entire world. Meet the subspecies and see what threats each is facing.

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  1. Photo of the lions of the Vumbi pride.

    The Surprising Lives of Lions

    In case you missed it: See these breathtaking videos and photos from inside a wild Serengeti pride.

  2. Photo: Two adult preen, Ireland

    Gannets Pictures

    Champion divers but clumsy landers, doting parents but hostile neighbors—northern gannets abound in contradictions.