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    Backstage at the Beaver Pond

    See a Beaver Race Against Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

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  • Photo of a blue whale in California.

    Danger Zones for Blue Whales?

    Popular spots for blue whales off the California coast overlap commercial shipping lanes, a new study finds.


  • As we passed by a big group of elephants, I saw this young one in the middle of the high grass. He seemed like he was practicing his intimidation skills

    African Elephants Are Superior Smellers

    The large mammals have 2,000 genes related to smell, the most ever discovered in an animal, a new study says.


  • Desert-woodrat-990x674.jpg

    Mojave Rats Munch on Poison

    In order to digest meals, the desert woodrat fills its stomach with deadly toxins.


  • A photo of three reindeer grazing in Svalbard, Norway.

    Warming a Boost to Reindeer

    Reindeer on Norway's Svalbard archipelago are bucking the trend and thriving, according to a long-term study.


  • Picture of Galapagos sharks in the Indian Ocean

    The Atolls' Sharks and Turtles

    One of a pair of tiny French territories tucked between Madagascar and southern Africa provides a mating area for green turtles. The other is home to Galápagos sharks.

  • Photo of a clownfish.

    Sourcing Your Aquarium Fish

    Finding where Nemo comes from can be an exercise in frustration, thanks to a global patchwork of aquarium trade regulations.


  • A photo of a snow hare in Canada.

    Can Snowshoe Hares Outrun Warming?

    The North American animals, which turn white each winter, may adapt to less snow by staying brown for longer periods, researchers suggest.


  • A photo of a female Asian Tiger Mosquito feeding on human blood.

    Genetic Engineering in the Wild

    Powerful genetic engineering technology could fight invasive species—but scientists warn that battle comes with risks.



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  1. Photo: Two adult preen, Ireland

    Gannets Pictures

    Champion divers but clumsy landers, doting parents but hostile neighbors—northern gannets abound in contradictions.

  2. Photo: Silent Ural owl

    Estonia's Ural Owls

    Photographer Sven Začek provides an intimate view of this large raptor.