• Photo of a great white shark.

    California Shark Attack Explained

    Great White Attacks On the Rise, Learn How to Reduce Risk

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  • A photo of a gharial.

    Animals With Bite

    In this week's Ask Your Weird Animal Questions, we tell you what spiders to watch out for, as well as what a crocodile relative does with its fearsome teeth.


  • California grunion Leuresthes tenuis

    Trouble for "Walking" Fish?

    Hunting, habitat loss could be taking toll on iconic grunion.


  • queen-parrotfish-1-bysshe.jpg

    To Save Coral Reefs, Start With Parrotfish

    Caribbean-wide analysis shows that the number one thing we can do to ensure the health of coral reefs is to protect parrotfish.

  • A photo of red kangaroos hopping away from a watering hole.

    Tale of a Kangaroo's Tail

    Kangaroos use their tails when walking, in effect giving them a fifth "leg."


  • A photo of a fossil of a Archaeopteryx.

    Fossil Feathers Predate Flying

    Feathers covered the Archaeopteryx, the flightless ancient ancestral bird from the age of dinosaurs, a newly found fossil shows.


  • Rescue sea turtle heading towards the ocean.

    Crowd Cheers as Sea Turtles Return to the Sea

    A sea turtle rescue center cares for and rehabilitates injured sea turtles and, when they're healed, returns them to the ocean amid cheering crowds. Video.

  • ptsd-dog-vid.jpg

    Dog Helps Veteran Cope With PTSD, Diabetes

    Richard Steinberg is a Vietnam veteran who suffers from PTSD and diabetes but his service dog, Kira, comforts him. Kira can sense shifts in Steinberg's blood sugar and mood, helping him to monitor his health.

  • Dolphin Simulation Screengrab.jpg

    Virtual Dolphin on a Mission

    A novel video game featuring a lifelike virtual dolphin may soon help stroke victims—and, eventually, real dolphins too.



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  1. Photo: Two adult preen, Ireland

    Gannets Pictures

    Champion divers but clumsy landers, doting parents but hostile neighbors—northern gannets abound in contradictions.

  2. Photo: Silent Ural owl

    Estonia's Ural Owls

    Photographer Sven Začek provides an intimate view of this large raptor.